Thursday, May 25, 2017

Music Video Finale

P3T5 Stressed Out from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

This song is by the band Twenty One Pilots and we used 2 minutes

It has finally come, it's actually here! The music video project that concludes our G.T year. For this project my group includes,, and We chose to use the song called "Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots. It was a pretty easy selection considering that not all of us made a list to share with the group of our individual song idea lists. Honestly, this song is very common and it's by artists that we all were familiar with, so as a group we all just agreed on it. We chose to do this song because there are many different stories we can come up with to make our music video about and we all felt it was the easiest choice since everybody already knew the song.

A few behind the scenes
In the song Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots, the real meaning of the song lyrics are how he wants to turn back time to when he was younger and didn't have to care about so much, and how it is stressful to be an adult in the real world. The story line for our music video kind of relates to the song lyrics but we changed it to fit our own perspectives as middle school students. A summary of the story line in our music video is basically that we are all stressed about school and homework and we are all reminiscing on how easy and simple their childhood was. As we think and wonder about how a child’s life is so easy and they're always just playing around and having fun we start to miss it. So, the kids are so tired and stressed out about having to deal with their homework and responsibilities they they just want to run away from it all. But of course they know that isn't possible and they have go back and get their work done. Also, we tried to match some of the lyrics in the song to the scenes in our story line. For example, in the song when he talks about a candle we made a scene that includes a candle shop and us going inside of it, except it goes with our storyline.

Well that's it! We were able to finish our music video and turn it in on time. Honestly, for how hard we worked on this video I still think we could have done better on it. But, don't get me wrong our video still turned out very well showcased and showed how much we did to complete it. Now the only thing left to do is the class critique and get our grades for it. So, I hope you enjoy our work and what we did!

Results from the critique

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

P3T6_Forgotten Message from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Yes, here we are and we're back again with another project, and for this one we are creating and planning a 90-120 second original movie trailer that we made up with our group. Our goal for this movie trailer is being able to captivate the audience in our film without giving away the ending of it. In addition, we are obligated to add a dramatic voice actor from our group who can make the movie more compelling and fascinating so everyone would want to see it. In my own group, I contributed to the project by drawing out our movie poster sketch which I created in Google drawing, also writing the movie synopsis, and writing some of the scenes in our trailer plan along with adding the dialogue and foley.

With this project we faced many challenges one of them being the actual filming. In our movie trailer, my group and I are all starring as characters in the movie, so we didn't have anyone to work the camera for us and we had to use a tripod, which was a struggle. In fact, one weekend we were suppose to meet up to finish some of our scenes and everyone in the group had forgotten to borrow a camera and a tripod from the class to use. This was a huge issue but luckily we were able to borrow what we needed from some friends and we filmed what we could. That was a relief. But, not only were we struggling with the filming we also faced some problems behind the scenes. We meet as a group three times out of school, and one of those times we got caught in a huge rainstorm! We had to end early so we weren't able to finish all of our scenes and the due date for it was crawling up on us quickly. This was so frustrating for the group! On the other hand, some successes we had on the project was writing the script and foley, we were one of the first teams to get approved and start filming. Another success we had was meeting up as a group, the three times we got together all of us were able to make it which was great considering we all had a part in the movie. 

Finally, we have come to an end on our movie trailer, and the last thing we had to do for it was the critique. This is a scary moment in all of the GT classes because this means we have to show off all of the work we put into our movie trailer to the class and they have to grade the finished product. But, my group did pretty well, we ended up getting a good, solid red which means we met all of the expectations for the project. We also got a few votes for above and beyond which you can see on the bar graph showing the results. But, not only did I end with decent results, I also ended with some new skills and lessons I learned from the critiquing. For example, I learned that music is a very important piece, all the awkward silences in between our movie trailer and everyone else's is were the audience might loose interest and make the trailer seem dull. So that's a wrap up on the movie trailers, now on to something totally new.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

On our metamorphosis animation projects we got to pick our own groups that we would be working with to create a pitch presentation. My group includes, and .
Our first project idea was called Pig Learns Respect it is about a pig who thinks bees don't do any work or have any responsibilities. So, one day he wakes up only find out he has turned into a bee and now he has to learn all of the different duties of being a bee and living in the hive. Then, we have our second pitch called Wolf Remains Individual, this one is about a wolf who lives with his pack but knows that he is different from all of the others and feels like he doesn't belong because he is a vegetarian. So, he runs away and finds some mountain goats and he turns into one and finally feels like he fits in.

The focus statement in my animation is Pig Learns Respect. The plot of this story is about a pig who thinks how easy a bee's life is and the pig thinks she is the one with a lot of responsibilities. So, one day the pig turns into a bee and starts experiencing life through the bee eyes learning all of the different jobs that she has to do. In the end, the pig learns to show everyone with respect even if she doesn't know them. In our animation we have 5 scenes, the first scene is the pig rolling around in a mud puddle talking to her chicken friend and complaining about her responsibilities and how she wished they could disappear so she runs into a flower field hoping she could escape everything. Then, the second scene takes place in the flower field where a whole group of bees come and surround her then she turns into one. Next, scene three the pig notices how different her perspective is how the grass is so much larger, and everything else must have grown. She finds a mirror and looks at her reflection in terror seeing that she has turned into a bee, so she follows where the other bees are  leading to trying to figure out what had just happened to her. Additionally, in the fourth scene she starts working in the beehive and learns all of the responsibilities of being a bee. Finally, in the fifth scene she realizes how lucky she was to be a pig because she didn't have as many responsibilities as she does now. Also, she understands that hard work is important and as a bee she gets rewarded with all of the honey they make.

Work in progress

After having to extend our final due date for our metamorphosis animations, we finally had our critique. For our critique, we watched the classes’ animations and had to grade them on the characters and props they used, creativity, understanding the message of the animation, and then their overall grade. For my team, our overall score for our project was 3.2 out of a 4, a 3.1 on creativity, a 3.4 on our characters and props, then a 2.6 for the clarity of our message. Also, we were nominated as 1 of the 5 best metamorphosis animations that the class voted on. However, I agree on the grades we got from the class because I think we had some things we could improve on. But, watching the
other students' animations helped realize what we could have worked on and what we exceeded in doing.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Easy portrait
Facial expressions are shared through all cultures and mean the same emotions. In an article that I read, written by Arthur Dobrin, at he explains that facial expressions are in fact innate. The article showed evidence that infants reacted in disgust as a response to a bitter taste, and they also responded to pain by showing distress on their face. Another report showed that blind children showed the same facial expressions for certain emotions as a sighted child would. In fact, I do agree that facial expressions are innate, and they are just ways to show what your feeling or what you are thinking about. In conclusion, facial expressions are just another way to communicate with people and have the ability to reveal what you're feeling.

Poly-1 portrait of ourself
In quarter two, we started on our low-poly portrait projects. Which I have never heard of before, but we watched tutorials and tried it out for ourselves. There were many steps to creating the first low-poly portrait, the beginning step was was taking our portrait picture. We did this by using our computers in the photo-booth app and taking a picture from the top of our head to the bottom of our chin. Then, we downloaded the photo we took onto Photoshop and started to edit it, we began our editing by outlining our face with the red line tool. Next, we started filling the space in on our face by creating triangles using the red line tool and then going over them with the lasso tool. After that was finished, we went over all of the polygons and blurred them out. The final step, we had to make two copies of our portrait outline and put them together and mirror them to create the whole face, then we were finished. So, when our whole project was completed we saved it to google drive and then turned it in for a grade. Even though this project took many complicated steps to finish, I was quite confident with my finished work.

Poly-2 portrait (of my dad)
To make our first poly portrait we used an online website where we were able to try out the low-poly effect. This was the easy portrait, we started this process by taking a portrait picture on the computer with the photo booth app and then downloaded it onto the website. Then, it was on to choosing the different settings to edit the picture, the website basically did this by taking triangles and placing them randomly all over the picture and they were automatically blurred out. This turn out did not go well, in the picture it was extremely hard to recognize my face and make out any of the details. On the other hand, our poly-2 image was a lot more realistic because we were able to place the triangles all over our face and fill in a lot more detail, like in our eyes and nose. But, the third portrait was the highest quality, because we got to use an actual camera instead of one of the low resolution computer cameras, we also took the picture of another person showing a facial expression. Even editing the picture in Photoshop took a lot more detail, we used our own creativity and chose a color to place in the triangles using the eyedropper tool. Finally, we edited our background to match the low-poly theme and we were done!

Poly-3 Portrait

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

One way I interact with nature is going hiking, when I'm out in nature I can find a part of the
environment that hasn’t been harmed or destroyed. When I'm outside I can hear the birds in the distance and feel the wind on my skin. But it isn't limited to hiking, I always love to go bike riding or take walks with my friends to natural areas or to see the sunsets. It’s always an enjoyable experience because sometimes, I take the most beautiful moments for granted.
In present times, we depend on nature for a lot of things. For example, trees have to be the most important and useful tool that we use in our daily lives. We take trees and we make it into paper (which we use for basically everything), and we get oxygen from trees which we need to survive off of. In nature, everything around us is working together to stay alive, which helps us to survive. So, to give back, we should help protect our environment from extremely harmful acts and keep our earth clean and healthy.

You can take a video of anything, and you have the ability to edit it or change it into a whole different idea. I made both, slow mo and time lapse videos that I had filmed and edited. The most difficult part of making them was actually filming the original videos. I found it challenging because I had to find (or create) an environmental tripod to place my camera on, as it took the video. When you take a slow-mo or time-lapse video, your goal is to keep the camera steady, and the only way to accomplish that is to make a stable or flat area to place your camera. So, I had to somehow keep the camera still and upright the entire time while it was filming.

The most difficult problem that I faced with my project was writing my poem. I found this difficult because you were required to have a poetic form about how to write your poem. We also had to make sure that when we read our poems aloud that it was between 45-55 seconds long. So, we would be able to add them in our edited videos.

After the class critique, I have to say that I do agree with the grades I got, because I think that I could have done better with my video and editing it. For example, one of the clips I used in my video the tripod I used was extremely unstable, so the video turned out shaky. Another thing I could have fixed about my video is the people in my shot, what I could have done is edit my video and use the end of my video so the people weren't interfering. But, when we did our critique, my class containing 27 people, 6 of the voters chose 4/4 for my video grade.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

I think poetry is a type of writing that is given to express a person’s feelings and ideas. Poems can also use rhythm or a repeated pattern, which usually sets poetry apart from other writing styles. Such as, the four main types of essays, including expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative writing. As I mentioned, poetry can also be personal by adding expressions or feelings to it. A poem could describe your mood or emotion with just the right words. It could also be written for the audience to visualize what is going on, kind of like telling a story. In conclusion, adding your feelings, thoughts or goals into your poem can express more of who you are.

Be proud, be loud by expressing who you are because your goals can't be too far
Although it may seem hard to reach the top, shooting for the stars is all you got 
Set ambitions that are important to you, for you have the ability to see them through
Confidence is all you need to achieve, because the possibilities are more then you can conceive
Challenge your skills and drive for through adversity comes the will to thrive

In my poetic statement I used rhyme on each line to keep rhythm and a beat to it. I rhymed each line by placing two rhyming words, putting one word in the middle, and one word at the end so there is a flow to it. So, with the final product it all comes together and makes sense. In my opinion, it is easier to tell that your writing is a poem just by using rhyme. I also was attempting to express myself and explain my personal goals through the words I used in my poem. So with that being said, my poetic statement demonstrates what goals I have set as a person while also adding feelings to it.

Poetic Statement Project
Poetic Statement Sketch
Poetic Statement